Central Highlands Wildlife Carers


Central Highlands Wildlife Carers is a volunteer, Not-for-profit Organisation, caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in the homes of our community carers.


We encourage sponsors, corporate and individuals, to join our community following on Facebook.  Donations can be made via our GoFundMe campaign. (See Active Link this Page)

Our Aim

We are here to assist our wildlife.  Our policy is to rescue, rehabilitate and release.  We receive many calls per year, resulting in a range of animals coming into care each year.


Hotline 0475 288 301


We received a little joey

We are a volunteer Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Group operating from the Central Highlands of Queensland, covering the vast countryside regions from Emerald, Clermont, Moranbah, Dysart, Capella, Tieri, Gemfields towards the West.  CHWC respond to calls for wildlife rescue generated from our ‘Hotline Number’, local vets and members of the community, as well as travellers who are passing through.

CHWC Inc. does not receive financial backing or support from government organisations.  All expenses are covered from our own pockets, fundraising and community events.

Donations are greatly appreciated. Currently, we provide care for an average of 500 animals annually.


Family Nap Time

How wonderful to have a soft, warm ‘pouch’ set up, to roll into when it is nap time! Pouches are made and donated by various community groups and are very much appreciated by our little visitors.

If you find an orphaned, sick or injured native animal, contact our Hotline for advice so the appropriate treatment plan can be administered. Our list of licenced animals include: Macropods, Koalas, Possums, Wombats, Echnidnas, Birds.

Friendly little Echidna

With spines like a porcupine, beak like a bird, a pouch like a kangaroo, and lays eggs like a reptile they belong to the family Tachyglossidae (egg-laying mammals).  Also known as spiny anteaters, they’re small, solitary mammals native to Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea.

This little guy was extended a friendly helping hand.

Lost and Found

Excerpt from Facebook … “These ladies are amazing, we were travelling when we saw a dead kangaroo on the side of the road.  We could see it had a Joey.  We checked and took the baby from the pouch and took it to these wonderful caring people, who have now raised and released him.  They kept me updated with pictures and when he was released.  It was a lovely experience and I felt I had helped get him back to where he belongs, instead of the slow and painful death he would have succumbed”.